10 Tips to Make Working From Home a Success

10 Tips to Make Working From Home a Success

make your home office a successful workspace with tips from Miya DesignDuring this time of rapid change and a future filled in a haze of uncertainty, we have looked around, stunned not by chaos, but by the beauty of human capacity. We’ve seen friends managing to become full-time teachers for their kids while simultaneously navigating Zoom calls. We’ve seen grocery store clerks still smiling after a very long day. We’ve seen our neighbors buying food for those who can’t go out. But despite so many uncertainties during this pandemic, one thing has become perfectly clear–our homes have become essential.

Not only have our homes become our refuge but also our corporate headquarters. Which — let’s be honest — the idea of projects being completed in pajamas was our dream come true. However, as the weeks progress it has become apparent that flannel quickly loses its appeal and after testing every couch, kitchen table, floor and varying corridor, your whole house may be starting to feel like one big office suite. We encourage you now to take the leap off of your couch and into a space designated for your work. You’ll thank us later.

We understand that everyone’s needs for a home work space might look a little different right now, but we’ve got you covered!  Below are 10 fail-safe tips to help you take control of your home workplace.


Working From Home Tips For Success


1. Location

Don’t set yourself up for failure. Find a place you will be the least distracted. Avoiding high traffic areas or rooms that remind you of the million other things you could be doing. If you know you get distracted sitting on the couch, don’t set up your home office there. If you know that the kitchen area has too many reminders about the cookies you’d rather be baking, find a new workspace. Recommended locations could be your bedroom, patio, or kitchen depending on your varying weakness.

home office desk and chair for a home workspace


2. Surface Space

If you don’t already have a desk you can still get by with alternatives. Some substitutes could include nightstands, kitchen tables, or even a coffee table. Try to find something wide enough to allow room for your success to spread but for goodness sake make sure it’s an appropriate height. We will not allow our Miya readers to be slouching all day.

home office space in a kitchen3. Supplies

Make it functional..but also insanely cute because why not? Stock your space with your favorite office supplies, from decorative rolls of tape and pencils to beautiful planners.

4. Backdrop

With a huge emphasis on keeping collaboration with teams in action with programs like Zoom, What’s App, and Hangouts, it’s important that your backdrop helps you feel successful. Not to mention a cool piece of art is a great way to show how cool you are to your co-workers. We’re only half kidding.

paintings and artwork in a home office5. Give Life

During a time where we can feel a little out of control, lonely, or anxious having a plant really can be cathartic. Just think of it as your coworker, your very quiet and very thirsty coworker.

Home Office Plants for Working from Home6. Comfort

Your back is important and if you are going to be sitting for multiple hours working on Excel sheets a dining room chair just isn’t going to cut it. Investing in a home office chair that can keep you swiveling for 8 hours and beyond will be worth every penny. DO IT!

7. Light

Lighting can make or break a good office. Natural lighting from a window is ideal but a good table lamp can do wonders. If you’ve already got a home office space, you might want to invest in a neat light fixture like the one we did in the dreamy home office pictured below. Check out the dimension, wowza!

use unique light fixtures to complete your home office8. Sound

Both the absence of sound and the ability to amplify vibrations is important when working from home. You will want the room you are in to be quiet but the sound of your coworkers to be loud and clear. Places with doors are extremely helpful, especially if you have kids at home. Don’t forget you can always set up soundbars or additional speakers to enhance your auditory experience.

Home Office Headphones to Work From Home9. Organization

Working at home without your usual filing cabinets and shared storage closet can present a problem. Home office organization isn’t just a good idea, it’s essential. We just can’t say it enough—organization bins will save you. Take a little trip to your favorite online store and create your Zen. It’s like changing your oil. It’s something you have to do but will help you run for much longer.


10. Indulge

Let’s get real for moment, being under quarantine is a struggle. Working from home isn’t easy, so indulge a little in thing that make you happy. Light up a candle, watch the flame burn and don’t worry about HR. Buy a fancy cup and drink your favorite drink, and always keep the snacks within arm’s reach!


Candles Interior Design for Working From HomeA Toast

To those doing everything and those doing nothing at all

Here’s to upgrading our spaces to match our mental spaces


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