Black is the New Black


Black is the New Black

black kitchen cabinets interior design tips

For the past few years, white stole the design scene. It seemed there was no going back. Homeowners everywhere jumped on the all-white bandwagon. It was a well-deserved moment that won’t ever feel outdated. But many designers are starting to go in a different direction. Actually, these designers are going in the complete opposite direction—black.

At first, darker exteriors were slowly creeping onto the scene. Now, black is flooding into interiors everywhere in a wave storm that won’t stop any time soon.  From lighting fixtures in the kitchen to smaller accessories like photo frames or even painting entire walls or doors, black is the answer that designers everywhere have been waiting for after the all-white craze.

But how can you add black into your color scheme? Here are a few rules to follow:


Try it on multiple surfaces, accessories, objects, or fixtures

If you have a stand-alone black object or black wall without another complimentary item, it will feel like a mistake. Add in multiple black accessories so that the color feels deliberate and professional.

Use black as a contrast to an all-white interior

All-White interior design was a great way to keep your space modern and fresh. Now, adding black is the element of contrast that will really add that exclamation mark your design needs!

Black paint should be flawless

Homeowners can pick up a paintbrush and get to work adding black paint into their space. This works great on trimmings and doors. However, make sure that your hard work is flawless, or you can ruin large portions of your home.

Balance it out with lighter colors

black kitchen cabinets and stools for interior designToo much black and your home can feel crowded and dark, combat this with a balance of white or light color elements. Just as we talked about before, it also adds an extra contrast and pulls everything together in a harmonious way.

Think of black as a foundation

A black room works like a little black dress. It’s a great foundation but needs accessories to bring it to life. Plan your design as you would an outfit. Add in accent colors, try different complimentary accents, and make sure that the architectural details keep it from looking flat.

Ask a professional

Are you incorporating black into your space? Get expert advice about interior decorating in Utah from our interior designers contact us today.

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