Everything You Need to Transform Your Guest Bedroom

Everything You Need to Transform Your Guest Bedroom

Home decorating is fulfilling for more reasons than one. It’s an outlet for creativity, has a positive impact on your mood, and can be done on a budget. However, the most satisfying aspect of home decorating is being able to show it off to friends and family. Winning the admiration of your loved ones makes your hard work worth it, and there’s no better place to decorate than your guest bedroom.

Whether you’re looking to add a few small touches or remodel your guest bedroom altogether, the experts at Miya Design have the perfect tips and tricks to turn your guest bedroom into a guest haven for showcasing.


Make it Cozy

A successful guest bedroom is one that encourages good sleep. Make your guest bedroom cozy and comfortable by adding a few simple details to the bed. Pillows should be layered according to size; throw blankets should follow. Choosing pillows with a variety of textures and patterns adds subtle dimension to the bedroom. With high thread count sheets, a chunky duvet and soft pillows, a perfect night of sleep is practically guaranteed. The only downside to making your guest bedroom this cozy is that your guests may never want to leave!


Add Flowers

Adorning the nightstand or dresser with fresh-cut flowers is a simple gesture, but always appreciated. Not only do flowers add a pop of color to the room, they make it smell better too. Lilies and tulips can be bought year-round and stay fresh for weeks. Adding flowers to your guest bedroom will make a big difference, but there’s no need to go all out with arrangements. Just stick a small bunch of flowers into a convenient vase for the perfect guest bedroom accent.

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Make it Clutter-Free

The last thing guests want to see when they stay at someone’s house is a messy bedroom. Make sure that your guest bedroom is nice and tidy by cleaning beforehand, paying careful attention to clutter on the furniture and in the closet.

Channel your inner Marie Kondo to decide what needs to be thrown out. Ask yourself two questions about each item in your guest bedroom: Does it bring me joy? Will it spark joy in my guests? If the answer to either of those questions is “no”, toss it away! Not only will your guest bedroom be tidier, it will make you and your guests happier.

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Make it Fun

While a guest bedroom should be organized and clutter-free, it shouldn’t feel bland or boring. It’s important to use your creativity when designing your guest bedroom. Adding a dressing area here or an artsy chair there will make the room pop without seeming disorganized.

You can also make your guest bedroom more fun through color. Start with neutral base colors on the walls and bed. Then throw in some colorful blankets, pillows, and artwork for a fun, yet refined guest bedroom.

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Your guests will love additional convenience while they stay at your home. Taking the time to purchase high-quality bedside lighting or a full-length mirror makes a big difference in the quality of their stay. Including details like heavy curtains and extra closet space makes the room feel like a destination rather than a last resort.


Stay on Theme

Don’t go crazy when styling your guest bedroom. While it should be fun and inviting, it should not take away from the rest of the home. A guest bedroom is not the best place to try a jungle theme or experiment with the color purple for the first time. If a bedroom sticks out in an unpleasant way, guests may not feel as comfortable while staying. Try to maintain a single color palette throughout the guest bedroom and bathroom for a cohesive aesthetic.

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Ask a Professional

If you really want to design the perfect guest bedroom, the help of a trained eye may be necessary. An interior designer can transform the look of your guest bedroom and help you avoid costly mistakes. Contact the edesign interior design experts at Miya Interiors today to bring your vision to life!

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