Give Your Bedroom a Professional Touch with these Layered Bedding Ideas

Give Your Bedroom a Professional Touch with these Layered Bedding Ideas


If you are heeding the advice of medical professionals and government officials, you are spending a lot more time at home. While social distancing is challenging, there are a few things you can do to make quarantine more enjoyable. One place that deserves a little quarantine makeover is your bedroom. Luckily, one trick is all you need—layered bedding.

Layered bedding can take any regular bedroom and transform it into every interior stylist’s dream. Whether you prefer modern styles, monochromatic, eclectic, or anything in-between, layering your bedding will give it a professional touch. It also makes a bed more comfortable for when you want to crash for hours on end. Combine that with its designer aesthetic, and you have a recipe for interior designing success.

The chances are you probably already have all that you need inside your home. Crack open your linen closet and use these expert tips to layer your bed.

Here is what you will need:

  • Sleeping pillows
  • Layer shams, larger-sized pillows like Euro square pillows or throw pillows
  • Sheets
  • Duvet comforter or quilt
  • Throw blanket

Now that you have all the ingredients follow these steps to piece together a perfectly layered bed.

Step 1.


Make your bed as usual, but lay the flat sheet wrong side up, instead.


Step 2.


Lay down your duvet or quilt, leaving room at the top to fold down your flat sheet and comforter.


Step 3.


Place your sleeping pillows at the top, setting them straight up rather than laying them down. Then, layer shams your larger pillows in front of those. You can then add in a few smaller-sized pillows like boudoir or throw pillows, as you wish.


Step 4.


For the final touch, you can place a soft throw or beautiful blanket at a few inches across the foot of the bed.


Tips to Complete Your Layered Bedding Look


Using neutral-colored bedding gives you plenty of room to play with accessories. From pillows to throws, our team opts for pieces that include texture or contrasting patterns. You can even try mixing and matching your pillows using different colors, patterns, and textures, as well. Whatever items you choose, remember that style is personal. If you bright and bold shades, incorporate them into the mix.

Are you having a hard time pulling your bedroom together? Miya’s interior design team is here to help. We offer room-by-room services, home remodels, and commercial interior designs. Contact our Utah interior design team to learn more.