How to Layer Your Bedding the Right Way

By November 7, 2018Interior Design Tips

How to Layer Your Bedding the Right Way

Monochromatic White Layered Bedding

There’s nothing quite like coming home to a made bed. What’s even better? When your bed looks like a professional made it. Now you won’t have to get an interior decorator or maid to give your bedding the layered look of your dreams. Just follow these simple rules and step-by-step guide.

General Rules of Layered Bedding

Use Basic Sheets

Go for a solid print for your sheets rather than a busy pattern. This will let you layer on the print and pattern later. You can also easily switch things up whenever you’d like. Just swap out your comforter for something new to update the look when things grow stale.

Quilt vs. Duvet Comforter

Honestly, we like them both. If you want the extra weight when you sleep, don’t be afraid to use a duvet. It also gives you a fluffier look that so many people are drawn to in a bedding’s design. We usually use a duvet during the colder months and switch it out for a quilt when the temperature rises.

Matching Layers

Another important rule to note is matching your pillows and blankets with the other layers. Typically, we match our standard pillowcases to the sheets and the euro shams to the quilt or duvet cover.

Give It Some Proper Footing

Once you’ve put down the basic layers, grab a little something to go at the foot of your bed. If you’re using a quilt, try folding a complimentary duvet cover. If you want to keep things light, a knit blanket can also do the trick. Whichever option you pick, we like this layer to complement the duvet/quilt nicely. Do this by selecting a solid print found in the pattern. If you’re using a solid duvet or quilt, try adding in some versatility with a fun print.

Throw in Throw Pillows

Now that you’ve matched everything up, it’s time to add in a little diversity. Throw pillows are where contrast thrives. Amp everything up a notch with some throw pillows that are unusual and fun. It’s also nice to go a little quirkier here because throw pillows are easy to switch out from time to time.

Have Fun

Don’t get so caught up in following these rules that you forget to add your flair. Give yourself the creative space you need to have fun with the design. After all, your bed should look so good that you’ll want to jump in whenever you get the chance.

Steps for Making a Layered Bed

Now that you know what you need, follow these steps to make your bed the layered masterpiece of your dreams.

Step 1. Put on your sheets and duvet/quilt as you normally would.

Step 2. Then, fold down the top sheet and duvet/quilt ¼ of the way down the length of the bed.

Step 3. Set up your standard pillows and euro shams upwards.

Step 4. Fold a duvet cover or blanket at the foot of the bed.

Step 5. Add a few throw pillows to top it all off.

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