Inspirational Spaces & Designs We’re Loving Right Now!

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Inspirational Spaces & Designs We’re Loving Right Now!

Ask us a few years ago what most of our customers were wanting in their homes and it would’ve been all about white. Don’t get us wrong, white is still a classic trend we’ll see for years to come. However, we’re starting to see darker hues pop into client color schemes and we’re absolutely loving it. From color contrasting to a refined richness, interior design adds a contemporary feel to any home.

This season is all about black, gray, and everything in between. Find out how you can add darker hues into your home’s design below. We’ve also included a few of our favorite design photos to help inspire the interior designer in you.

Kitchen Design Inspiration

Kitchens are the main haven of any home. Whether you want to include black tiling along the backsplash or incorporate darker hues into your cabinetry, dark hues bring a richness that other colors can’t. Worried that black is too harsh against your white kitchen? Add a black farmhouse sink and it’ll be a nice contrast to the surrounding lightness.

Freshen Things Up in the Bathroom

Normally bathrooms have a pretty simple design. Most bathrooms rely on tiling and ornate sinks to really push the boundaries of design. Go one step further by incorporating black design pieces into the mix. One of our favorites is the black stand-alone tub. It’s not too much, but just enough to wow you every time you step inside.

Add Black into Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are essential spaces inside every home. Typically, clients want a light bedroom that relies on a neutral color scheme. Flip the script by adding darker elements to your bedroom’s design. You can even start tip-toeing into darker hues by adding gray and black sheeting to contrast the lighter elements in the room.

Darker Living Room Color Schemes

In the past, warmer elements ruled living room interior design. Put warmer elements aside and stick to cooler, darker elements. From darker rugs and pillows to painted walls and coffee tables, darker colors will add a depth to the overall design of your home.

Dark Hues in the Dining Room

Take things into the current decade by including a darker color scheme in your dining room. We love adding black overhanging lighting features and smaller accessories like table settings to many of our interior design projects. Go for it in your home by adding a black dining table or chairs. It’ll be a talking piece that adds nicely to any home.

Need help transitioning your home’s interior design? Get in touch today. Our award-winning interior designers specialize in full-scale commercial and residential design.


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