Most Important Room Design Tips to Consider


Most Important Room Design Tips to Consider

Designing a space can be a challenge. At first, it’s exciting but with color schemes and endless design options, it can quickly become overwhelming. Don’t let the process overwhelm you. These 7 tips and tricks from the designers at Miya Interiors, a full service interior design firm, will keep your interior design process moving in the right direction and give you a finished room you’ll never want to leave.

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Design with Purpose

The first step of any interior design project is determining the room’s purpose. While some spaces are pretty straightforward, others are more complicated. From workout rooms to play rooms and more, homes can include unique spaces that truly transform the overall feel of the home. By determining the room’s purpose, you can base a lot of the décor, design, layout, and fixtures around it.

For example, game rooms are centered around a good amount of open space. While you’ll still need some pieces, most will be simple. From comfortable furniture to basic tables for game boards and more, these spaces are basic, so they can house a variety of activities. Also, just because a room has a main purpose, doesn’t mean it can’t take on different faces. Whether you want to include a television for movie nights or a pull-out couch for additional sleeping areas, implementing pieces after deciding the main purpose of the room will help you stay focused.

Stick to a Budget

One of the most overwhelming factors of interior design projects is money. It’s easy to get excited about a project and go overboard really quickly. But, by making a budget early on you’ll avoid the pitfalls of overspending that can lead to additional stress. Sit down and think about what the rooms needs and how much you can afford. By putting a plan in place you’ll be able to design within the budget and narrow down your choices quickly and easily.

Think Layout

Decide what the room’s layout will be. By already knowing the room’s purpose, its size, and your budget, you can determine which layout would be best. Figure out the layout of the room and then you can start determining which pieces you’ll need. From couches to tables and lamps, everything will become clearer after thinking of the layout.

Color Scheme Matters

Now that you’ve got a plan, decide which color scheme you’re using. Don’t get ahead of yourself but focus on the color scheme and the style you’re targeting. A lot of the times it’ll be clear after determining the purpose, budget, and layout. Other times you’ll have a blank canvas to work with and can decide which color scheme would best fit your personality. Remember that the room is part of a bigger picture, as well. The room should flow with the rest of your house and not stick out like a sore thumb. By focusing on the details, the overall design will fall into place.

Don’t Overwhelm the Space

It’s easy to get excited about the latest decorating trends. But, as seasoned designers, we realize that designs should be able to live out the trends of today and flow into the future easily. We aren’t saying that your design has to forgo all the latest and greatest but try and keep the trendy pieces to smaller accessories like pillows, frames, artwork, and rugs. That way it’ll be easy to swap out the pieces for new ones when the trends fade into the background.

Find the Focal Point

Each room should have one or two focal points. Find yours and stick to them. If the design becomes too busy, it’ll be overwhelming and uncomfortable. Some people think that the more the better. But it’s actually the opposite. Finding the right combination of pieces can make your room appear more professional and cleaner. Overcrowding a design can lead to restlessness, while a couple of focal points will make the overall feel peaceful.

Designers Make the Difference

Your personality and design can truly shine with design help from one of the best Utah interior design firms, Miya Interiors. Our team of design experts work with you to develop a plan that fits your home and your personality. We walk with you hand-and-hand throughout the entire design process, helping you find the right pieces, focal points, and more. By working with interior designers, you’ll relieve a lot of the stress associated with interior design and, ultimately, design a room that’s both comfortable and hard to leave.

Take the stress out of room design and put the fun back into it, contact a local design team like Miya Interiors to discuss your next project.

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