Northern Wasatch Parade of Homes + Miya Interiors


Northern Wasatch Parade of Homes + Miya Interiors

Wasatch Parade of Homes Interior

This year our full service interior design firm had the opportunity to participate in the Northern Wasatch Parade of Homes. Working side-by-side with Ovation Homes, we designed a home that’s anything but ordinary. From clean lines to interesting textures, we decided that this Bountiful home should feature an updated twist on some of our latest favorites.

When we embarked on the project, Lori, head designer on the project, wanted to create a home that spoke to every generation.

“I really wanted a clean, modern, classic look. Nothing too trendy but a design that truly gave everyone their own space,” said Lori.

One of the rooms that truly was the highlight of the project for us was the kitchen. Complete with neutral flooring, the kitchen really brought the entire design up a few notches. While we kept to the classics for most of our design, we decided to mix things up with mixed-metal finishes in the kitchen. The metals included antique brass, brushed nickel, and polished nickel. Other design elements that stood out among attendees was the European oak shelves and the white brick backsplash that tied in the same texture we used in the living room fireplace.

Along with the kitchen, a few other rooms stood out. From a laundry room you’d want to spend hours in; to a dining room that included a variety of conversation pieces; to a bunk room that’s the perfect place for any kid, this home truly has a place for everyone.

Although we could go on and on about the different details included in the home, let’s focus on some of our favorites.

Layered Rugs 

For this home’s design we decided to incorporate one of our favorite tricks, rug layering. In the living room we combined two different rugs to really up the ante. On top of a neutral, textured white rug, we layered a hair and hide rug for extra effect. This not only adds extra style points but can be switched out for updated pieces very easily later on.

Miya Interiors Family Room Design


Every room needs plenty of storage space and our Parade of Homes project was no exception. We added plenty of cabinetry in the kitchen to give the future homeowners much needed space for food, kitchenware, and more. We also found additional space with open shelving that kept things airy while giving them more room to work with.

Parade of Home Miya Interior Kitchen

Mix Things Up

Along with the metal work in the kitchen, we also mixed things up in other rooms. The laundry room featured two different metal finishes and a buffalo check flooring that made the room very unique amongst the others. Don’t be afraid to mix things up in your home including colors, textures, and more. Today’s interior design is finding things that aren’t matching and making them work in a completely new way.

Northern Wasatch Parade of Homes Master Bedroom


At Miya Interiors, when we are interior decorating Utah, we’re all about texture—especially when working with a neutral color scheme. One of our favorite ways to include texture is in the woodwork. From shiplap in the bathroom to paneling in the dining room, texture can be found in a variety of ways. But don’t let us forget about the beautiful kitchen backsplash and matching fireplace. The folks at D.S Custom Tile in Ogden, Utah really helped bring the fireplace design to life.

White and Black Bathroom Miya Interiors

Stand Out Pieces 

No matter what you do, make sure that each room has a piece that brings the room to life. Whether you find it using artwork or beautiful lighting fixtures, every room should stand on it’s own yet flow within the rest of the home’s design.

Custom Interior Design Miya Interiors

In the end, this project truly became one of our favorites. What made it even better was winning a number of awards including: Best Interior Design, Best Master Suite, Best Kitchen, Best Floor Plan, and Best Special Feature.

Check out the entire home in our latest video.

Miya Designs Site from Red Olive on Vimeo.

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