Our Go-To Pillow Guide


Our Go-To Pillow Guide


Oh, pillows. Our favorite piece of the design puzzle. A well-made pillow arrangement can transform any subpar design into one that looks professionally designed for the stars. However, these pillow schemes involve a little more than merely throwing a few cute pillows together.

Here is our fail-safe guide for the perfect pillow scheme arrangement.

Find the Best Size


 Start your pillow picking journey by selecting the right size of pillows. If you go too big, your pillows will dwarf your sofa, but if you go too small, it will look out of place. One of our go-to tricks is using pillows that trend towards the larger side. We usually start with a standard size pillow with a 22- or 24- inch pillow behind it. Then, you can work off of that base by throwing in a variety of sizes after that.

Use a Variety of Patterns & Textures


One of the easiest ways to make your pillow arrangement look professionally designed is by finding a great pattern combination. We like to mix in a variety of prints like organic, straight-line graphic prints, and a solid texture for dimension. This combination works really well in a variety of settings. But here are our top four rules to the perfect mash-up of patterns.

1. Start with Organic: An organic pattern typically has enough movement and curves for a great base. It is also inspired by nature so that it brings in an eco-friendly touch that every good design needs. You can pick an organic print that is multi-colored or not.

2. Then, Go Geometric: Geometric patterns include lines, grids, and repetition. This balances out the movement of the organic print.

3. Add Contrast: Find a pillow with a different scale, whether it is really large or minimal. All that matters is that the size of the print is a stark contrast to one of the others selected.

4. Throw in Texture: Many amateur designers or homeowners will leave texture out of their pillow schemes—don’t make this mistake! Any texture, whether it is furs, velvets, metallics, or embroidery, will add the much-needed warmth a functional design needs.

After picking a few different patterns, you can consider placement. In a traditional setting, designers match your pillows on both sides of the sofa. However, it is becoming more streamline to mix different prints and throw in a variety on one furniture piece.

Mix It Up


 The final touch is adding some flavor into your pillow scheme. Like we mentioned before, it is helpful to start with larger pillows and then work down from there. Most of our pillow styling involves a large 24-inch pillow, then some 22-inch or 20-inch sizes, and then a lumbar, or a small pillow in the front. Remember to pay attention to contrasting shapes, lines, sizes, patterns, and textures!

Ask for Help


 If you are unsure if your pillow arrangement works or don’t know where to start, ask our professionals. Contact the Miya Interiors team for help on all of your interior design needs.