Residential Interior Design

The Hamptons has a style all its own. The beach retreats are notorious for summer vacation homes and our client for this project wanted exactly that. Based on the classic Hampton style, our team designed a home that fit in with the classic style of the neighborhood but also fit our client’s specific needs. Working with the client from across the country, we helped with the drawing of the home, oversaw the construction process, and selected all the exterior and interior materials. Together we were able to take a fresh, new twist on the tried-and-true Hampton vacation home.

Gold Rod

Working with Miya Interiors across the country in designing our stunning home from ground up was a seamless experience! Even across the miles, I felt like she was beside me every step of the way. From drawing floor plans to interior and exterior color selections the Miya Interiors team handled each detail with care. Lori consulted and managed the construction process with ease, sophistication and superb quality. We are grateful to have found such a luxury designer and look forward to continuing our relationship.



The biggest challenge this project presented was distance. Since the location was across the country, our team had to travel back and forth many times making sure everything was on track. While the challenge presented difficulties, we were able to get through it with consistent communication between us, the client, and the builder.



The entire Hamptons Vacation Home was every interior designer’s dream. Not only did we have control over the interior but the entire design of the home. From the first drawings of the home to the last art piece hung on the wall, our team was there working with our client. As a team, we delivered a custom design including the flooring, lighting, furniture, accessories, and more.


Miya Interiors is ready to welcome you home. Our structured process means we address the details in advance, streamlining the creative side with a step-by- step method that ensures your design is delivered with no excuses. You are able to enjoy how it all come together, rather than worrying about making a mistake or second guessing your choices. So, what are you waiting for?