Home Office Interior Design


When we first met with our client for the Hillside Office we knew she needed something stylish but functional. After establishing her style preferences and needs, the team took over. They mixed a white and blush color palette with gold features to really bring a feminine touch to the typically mundane office. From the furniture to the wallpaper, the team brought a sense of practicality to an over-the-top space. It’s hard to find a piece you don’t love.

Gold Rod

As a working professional, I had an idea of what I wanted my dream office to look like. Miya Interiors gave me exactly what was in my head and exceeded my high expectations. I appreciate Miya Interiors level of organization and attention to detail. The design process to bring my vision to reality was fluid, efficient, and beautiful, reflecting the way I live my life.

Modern Office Interior Design with White Office Desk, Patterned Wallpaper, and Lighting



Upfront, we realized that this at-home office needed to flow with the rest of her home but make a real statement. We also needed to provide extra storage and organization within the space without crowding the clean design. Working with the client, we established a style that stood out yet was cohesive with the overall design of her home.



As part of the Hillside Office, the Miya Interiors team provided a custom design using pieces that really made the space pop. We installed custom cabinetry, lighting, furniture, accessories, and wallpaper that brought the whole design together. In fact, the lighting and wallpaper are some of the key features of the room that made it come to life.

Modern Office & Workspace Interior Design With Bright Decor, Cabinets, and Lighting


Miya Interiors is ready to welcome you home. Our structured process means we address the details in advance, streamlining the creative side with a step-by- step method that ensures your design is delivered with no excuses. You are able to enjoy how it all come together, rather than worrying about making a mistake or second guessing your choices. So, what are you waiting for?