Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

Tips for Small Living Room Design in Your Home

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Small living rooms can be a challenge for many homeowners to style. Whichever design style you prefer, you can make the most of it even if you have limited square footage. Even some of the tiniest rooms can make waves. Just look at an apartment in an expensive place like New York City or Los Angeles. Apartment-dwellers often find a way of transforming their crammed home into a stylish spot. Check your Instagram feed. You’ve probably liked a few photos featuring influencer’s small living room designs.  

No matter how big or small your living room is, you can strategically use interior design tricks to make it appear bigger than ever. Just because you lack square footage doesn’t mean your room will look any less attractive. Picking the right style could be the ticket you need to love your home again.

It may seem counterintuitive, but small living rooms can make a big impact. Arrange your furniture the right way, use a couch designed for small living rooms or small tables, or add a few strategic features. A mixture of these tips and a few others will give all your guests a reason to rave when they visit.

If you don’t believe that a few small living room décor ideas could be the missing piece in your puzzle, do a quick online search. Your journey on popular search engines might inspire you, too. Whether you are looking at small living room and kitchen combos or browsing images of small living room layouts, after a while, you will learn a thing or two.

Unfortunately, these results might not give you the right formula for decorating your space. That is why Miya Interiors collected every tip you need for styling your small living room.

Let’s take a look at what our interior designers suggest.


Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

Tip 1: Incorporate a Minimal Design Style

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The best way to start your search is by narrowing down the style you prefer. Many designers recommend choosing one that puts minimalism at the forefront. One of the more popular trends for small living rooms is mid-century modern.

The benefit of using mid-century modern furniture and décor is that it is sleek, timeless, and gives you more room to play. You don’t need to stick to the same strict rules as other styles but can gather items that fit together uniquely. As a staple of the style, minimalism ensures that you won’t ever feel cramped in your small living room space.

All in all, you can make whichever style you prefer work. Don’t be afraid of combining items across different styles, either. For example, new mid-century furniture pieces blend well with elements in another fashion. In the end, the minimalist nature of your choices should fit like a glove.

Tip 2: Make Strategic Storage Moves

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Since you won’t have a lot of area in a small living room, you will need to design your space using clever storage ideas. You can use vertical storage options like ladders, shelves, and other choices. Other options that work well in small living rooms include baskets, canisters, and low tables. These additions give you more room for storage, as well as add a visual appeal.

If you need more storage space, try finding furniture with secret hideaway spots. A few that many of our interior designers suggest using are couches, credenzas, and footstools with hollow centers. Some small homeowners even use bike shelves that transform their mode of transportation into a piece of art. Fortunately, most of these items come in various options, including contemporary, modern, and other popular design styles.

Tip 3: Pick the Right Color Scheme

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Selecting the right color scheme is another way of capitalizing on a small space. You have two options, go big or stick to a natural color palette. If you want to add a bunch in your living room, paint the room using vibrant colors. Another option for going bold is using patterned wallpaper. Luckily, your living room won’t need as much wallpaper as most, so you won’t spend as much. You can use a large-scale floral pattern or find a design that speaks to your personal style.

On the other hand, you can opt for an all-white color scheme. White walls will help open up your space, making it feel brighter and larger. This option also allows you to add-in pops of colors and textures for a lived-in, comfortable aesthetic.

Tip 4: Embrace Your Furniture

Small Room Interior Design Wallpaper from Miya Interiors

A small living room can make it difficult to add in furniture. You can find a selection of small couches designed for cramped living rooms, coffee tables, and other furnishings. By using these smaller-sized items, you will save space without sacrificing the standard living room pieces.

You can also nix a few items that are better fit for large living rooms like large footstools, two side tables, floor lamps, and a pair of side chairs. Go for single items or paired down options, instead.

Another way to maximize your room’s space is to rethink your furniture arrangements. Try mixing things up by placing your side table directly next to your couch. Another choice that works well for small living rooms is replacing a coffee table for a side table sitting center stage.

Small Living Room Design at Miya Interiors

As you style your space, remember that design isn’t a “one size fits all” solution. Throw the rule book out the window and make design decisions that fit your style. Our number one suggestion is to make your small living room design unique. The spaces we covet most usually include an array of furnishings that don’t fit one particular style.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy doing it on your own. That is where the experts at Miya Interiors can help. We work with our clients finding ways of incorporating their touch into a professionally-designed space. Our experts will also arrange your living room in a way that looks larger than life.

Contact Miya Interiors today to learn more about our design services.

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