Styling Kids Spaces that Also Work for Grown Ups

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Designing Kids Spaces That Also Work for Grown Ups

Kids spaces are no longer only for the kids. Today, you can design rooms that work at any age. Whether you are creating a playroom, bonus room, or bedroom, your kids will love the design long after their teen years.

Turn your home into the ultimate space for your children, the neighborhood kids, and, even, the adults. Whether your little ones love to dress up, play with toys, or work on arts and crafts, tons of design ideas will last for years to come!

Forget the Theme

kids bedroom interior design tipsGone are the days when themes ruled kid-friendly interior design. Today’s best designers would instead go for a more practical approach. Heavily themed rooms will work for a few years but won’t last for as long as they should. Plus, changing out all of your kitschy items down the road will only add to the amount you spend.

But removing the theme from a kid’s space doesn’t mean you need to take out all the fun. Instead try adding in more kid-appropriate artwork on the wall space, bedding, and other removable areas.

Opt for the Classics

classic kids bedroom interior designKids are all about imagination and having fun. But that doesn’t mean you need to overdo it with kitschy design elements. If you want to make your kids room practical and modern, chose a clean-cut and functional design. Think less-is-more when it comes to the large furniture pieces while you let the accessories. Clean lines, smooth surfaces, and natural textures should dominate the space.

Clean Up Space

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Today’s design puts a premium on freeing up space. Open spaces allow your kid’s imagination to run free without cluttering things up. Try adding dual-use items in every room and multiple storage spaces. This will open up the room and help it appear more prominent. In the bedroom, try using bunk beds or lofts beds to capitalize on vertical space and increases the “cool” factor.

Pop-In Some Color

pink girls room interior designWhen it comes to your color palette, it should be all about contrast. Start with neutrals as your base by focusing on shades of black and white and then add in a pop of color. Choose colors that are bright and contrasting. You can do this with a bold rug or by tossing in a few colorful, patterned pillows on a chair. A single piece of furniture in a bold shade also makes a dramatic statement.

Throw Out the Rule Book

kids room interior design ideasWhen it comes to design, don’t rely on a set of rules to determine how you style a room. Kids spaces are one of the few areas in the home that you can go bigger and bolder. Don’t be afraid to show your family’s personalities and make the design completely unique. If your design works for you, then it shouldn’t matter what the rules say. Just go for it and have fun!

Ask a Professional

If you are having trouble designing your home and the accompanying kid’s spaces, get in touch with the experts at Miya Interiors. We can help outfit your rooms with kid-friendly designs that will grow with them.

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