The Perfect Exterior Color for EVERY Home


The Perfect Exterior Color for EVERY Home

White Home Exterior Design

Oh, white. You either love it, or you hate it. In our case, we absolutely love it. It’s a traditional exterior color that’s here to stay. From the small screens on HGTV to farmhouse trends, white is the perfect exterior color for homes that want to make a simple statement that’ll last far into 2019 and beyond. Here’s how you can make your white exterior one-of-a-kind.

Pick the Perfect White

Sounds simple, right? Not so fast. There is a seemingly endless stream of white paint from paint suppliers. The good news? You’re sure to find a color that’s unique to your home even if it’s white. From warm undertones to a cooler tint, you can decide which paint color fits best.

 Make a Front Door Statement

Your front door is the first thing guests see when looking at your home. Picking an inviting door color that matches your white exterior is crucial to making your home pretty. We like colors that show personality and add a nice contrast to the starkness of the white exterior.

Focus on Trim & Molding

Don’t underestimate a good trim. It adds the contrast you’ll need when painting your house white along with highlighting the lines on the exterior. Exterior trim and molding can bring your house to life with architectural design and surprising details. One type we love pairing with white exteriors is black metal trim.

Add Diversity Through Landscaping


Landscapes are where you can let loose. Continue to mix things up every year with new landscaping that adds a fresh look against your white exterior. Want to take it a step further? Throw in a few planter boxes underneath your first story windows. It’ll blow your neighbors away.

Need help finding the perfect exterior color for your home? Contact our design team.

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