The Rules to Follow When Layering Rugs


The Rules to Follow When Layering Rugs

Mudroom Bench with Layered Rugs

Rugs are really having a moment. Throughout the interior design community, clients are asking for creative visuals to bring their home into the current century. Luckily, layered rugs are the perfect trick. Whether you have a subdued style or go full-blown eclectic, there are a few rules to layered rugs to keep in mind when you are trying this trend in your home.

Rule #1: Add Some Highlight

Plan on the area where you lay your top rug to stand out. Layering a smaller rug on top of a larger one will automatically draw your eye in. So, if you have a certain piece you want highlighted put your top rug there. This works especially well for ottomans, chests, or coffee tables. You can also distract your gaze from areas that you don’t want the spotlight on. For instance, if you don’t love a certain architectural fixture in your home, a layered rug will pull attention away from it.

Rule #2: Fix a Sizing Mishap

What do you do if a beloved rug doesn’t fit the size of your space? LAYER IT! Use a nice, neutral base rug such as a jute that is the proper size and then layer the smaller rug on top. This layering trick keeps your favorite rug in the forefront without sacrificing any of the crucial sizing elements.

Rule #3: Consider Color

Color matching is always a challenge when it comes to rugs. Now throwing in a second rug makes things a bit tougher. However, picking a color scheme can make things a bit easier. Make sure both rugs stay in line with the overall color patterns of the room by choosing a few colors to match. If you have a black and white or neutral color scheme, then you can liven things up with pops of color in your rug patterns.

Are you having trouble getting the colors right?  Consider going with a neutral or solid base that eliminates a majority of the color-clashing risk.

Rule #4: Play Up Patterns

Don’t be afraid of pattern mixing. Many patterns can compliment each other and add versatility to your room. A nice trick to pattern combinations is sticking to similar hues. Not a fan of that trick? Try going for a black and white pattern on bottom and a colorful pattern on top. This is a great mixture for kid’s bedrooms and playrooms.

Rule #5: Try Texture

Make your space extra cozy by adding a plush rug into the mix. A traditional Moroccan rug or Turkish kilims adds texture, color, and pattern to a room—not to mention bohemian flair. Want to add in some animal prints?  Layer a hide rug atop a natural-fiber style. This mix is one of our favorite decor pairings because it’s a fun play on earthy textures and contrasting shapes— not to mention the hint of pattern.

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