Tips for Designing a Small Bathroom with Decor Ideas

Small Bathroom Designs That Will Make Your Space Larger Than Life

Even the small spaces of your house deserve love and attention. While the small bathroom in your home might not offer a lot in terms of square footage, these rooms can strike a chord just as much as any other with the right small bathroom décor ideas. Just because it is a small space, does not mean you need to think little for its interior design. Ask one of our interior decorating experts, and they might even suggest the opposite!

Small bathrooms can get away with a lot more than you realize. Whether you throw in an unexpected light fixture or throw up a patterned wallpaper, there are a few tricks that will help you design your own room. The first solution to any small bathroom design is finding the right inspiration.

You can get a jump start by searching for small bathroom décor ideas online. Your digital journey might even include storage ideas, paint color, tile shower ideas, and other input. However, it could take time to get all the information you need to design your space perfectly. That is why Miya Interiors collected every tip you need to know for your small bathroom design.

Let’s take a look at what our experts suggest.


1. Go Big with Small Bathroom Paint Colors

Selecting the right color scheme is a great starting point to begin your bathroom design. If you want to make a statement in your small space, pick one vibrant color along with a few whites. A bright shade of pink or a metallic color scheme will give your bathroom the punch it needs.

Another trick that some of the top interior designers in the country use is wallpaper. You can cover your small bathroom in wallpaper without any major costs. You can find a large-scale pattern or skip the wallpaper and go dark with black paint.

All of these options will make the small space feel larger than it is thanks to the color scheme going the extra mile. You won’t need to worry about getting sick of the color or pattern, either. Since you spend less time in your small bathrooms, you won’t tire of it as easily.

2. Use Creative Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Small bathrooms don’t have a lot of space, which means storage can get a little tricky. You will need to design your small bathroom using clever storage ideas. You can add vertical storage options like a ladder for hanging shower towels. Other options that work well in small bathrooms are baskets and canisters. These additions increase storage capabilities, as well as texture and warmth. It also hides away some of your less attractive hygiene products.

If your shower is on the smaller side, you should also look for shower storage options. One that many of our interior designers recommend is a shower caddy. You can find shower caddies in various styles, including rustic, modern, contemporary, and more.

3. Choose Minimal or Bold Shower Tiles

Depending on whether you choose a vibrant or minimal color scheme, you should go the opposite with your shower tiles. A few tile shower ideas for small bathrooms that many homeowners prefer are white tiles in different sizes and patterns. Not only does a small bathroom with tiles laid in a unique herringbone make the room look modern, but it is also an unexpected detail any onlooker will appreciate.

 If you choose a natural color scheme, our interior design experts suggest colored tiles to create a focal point. Keeping the rest of the room minimal, your uniquely-colored shower tiles will make the room appear more spacious despite its small square footage.

4. Think Big in Your Mirror Selection

Another option you can use when designing your small bathroom is a larger-than-life mirror. Just because your bathroom is on the smaller side doesn’t mean you need a minuscule mirror. A large mirror will help the room look bigger because of its larger reflection.

If you don’t have the wall space for a large mirror, try to find a uniquely designed mirror. Working with your vanity, this area of your bathroom will truly capture the heart of your design.

5. Mix in Unique Decor

The last tip our interior designers recommend is finding a few accessories to pull the small bathroom design together. Throw in simple styling to take the space to the next level. Our designers typically add in a small plant, candle, or canisters filled with hygiene products. These details help anchor the design, as well as up the degree of sophistication.

If you are having trouble with your small bathroom design, contact Miya Interiors today. Our experts can track down the best décor items for your small bathroom while creating a space that will look larger than life once it is complete. Call us today to learn more.

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