Unique Ways to Include Wallpaper in Your Design


Unique Ways to Include Wallpaper in Your Design

Unique Floral Pattern Office Wallpaper

Wallpaper has the power to transform any mundane space into something spectacular. Since its conception, wallpaper has been used throughout interior design to influence the decorative scheme of any room. However, for the majority of its time on the scene, wallpaper has been thought of as a background piece. Now, wallpaper is taking center stage with new and unique applications.

Whether you want to liven up a small corner of your home or make a statement in the big ones, wallpaper is a cost-effective way to make it happen. Let’s look at some of the unique ways you can include wallpaper in your home’s design.


Hallways are normally a forgotten area that leads to the otherwise popular spaces of your home. Don’t miss a chance to add style points to your home — wallpaper-it-up inside your hallways. Too scared to add wallpaper to your hallway? Try using a wallpaper with a color neutral pattern so that the design naturally flows into the accompanying room.



Adding wallpaper to your bathroom walls is one of our favorite ways to incorporate this popular trend in our design work. From light, floral patterns to unique water-esque designs, wallpaper is a great way to make your bathroom stand out. Ready to incorporate wallpaper in your bathroom? Try pairing it with your bathroom’s flooring, shower tiles, and vanity. If the rest of your bathroom is neutral, try adding a flash of color with a lively wallpaper.

Small Spaces


New to the wallpaper game? Try adding it to the smaller spaces of your home. From small, inlaid spaces to uniquely-shaped walls, it’s easy to transform a space using a well-placed wallpaper. If the room’s design is warm, try finding a wallpaper that tones things down. Or you could go the other route by finding a wallpaper that matches the pattern of a few of your favorite accessories.

New & Unique Wallpaper Applications


When we think of wallpaper, we typically think of walls. It might have something to do with the name or it could have something to do with its history. No matter why we think it, it’s time to break down the barriers. Let go of the restrictions and follow the footsteps of design’s shown above. Whether you incorporate wallpaper in your ceiling space or add it to your stairs, add wallpaper to the unique spaces of your home and watch the compliments flood in.

Accent Wallpaper

Rather than spending thousands of dollars adding expensive paneling to your walls, consider adding an inexpensive wallpaper that has the same effect. Whether you want to add shiplap, wood, or paneling to your walls, wallpaper can give you the same effect at a cost-effective price. The best part? If you want to switch things up later on, it’s easy to remove.

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