We Heart Bunk Rooms (and so should you)!

Bunk Beds are not what they used to be. Now, bunk rooms are incredibly chic and well-designed with kids and adults in mind. Whether you are designing a room for two of your children or want a guest room that wows all of your visitors, there are bunk room designs that are sure to fit all of your needs. Here’s the proof. Just check this stunner.


Now that you see some of the best bunk rooms have to offer, here are a few tips for getting you bunk room in tip-top shape before the play dates start rolling in.

Comfort is Key


If you want your home to be the family-friendly hit of the neighborhood, you will need to do what bunk rooms do best—comfort. Every bedroom should worry about comfort over design. Luckily, there are plenty of design elements that don’t sacrifice any aesthetics in the name of convenience. We recommend using extra fluffy comforters, plush fabrics, and fun pillows to top it off. Your bedroom set should make you want to jump on the bed just like you did as a kid.

Consider Safety


When designing your bunk beds, make sure that safety is one of your top priorities. As kids play and sleep in your bunk room, there are a few spots that can be extra troublesome in on a bunk bed namely railing and electrical safety. When it comes to the railing try and find the balance between safety without it looking too much like a prison cell. You can also consider stairs rather than railing for a safer, updated look. You should also decide whether to include electrical outlets next to the beds. You can find safer alternatives to the traditional outlet that will protect your young children and won’t leave your teenagers screaming for re-charge.

Storage and Built-In Shelving


Forget about bedrooms with only a walk-in closet for your storage options. Modern bunk rooms include built-ins and drawers for all of your storing needs. This is just one of the reasons why most homeowners opt for bunk rooms when they want to maximize their living space. One of our favorite ways to incorporate extra storage in your bunk room is by adding built-ins at the top or side of the beds.

Add Sconces


Styling your bunk beds should stay streamlined. We recommend using the same uniform style on each bed which includes adding sconces to each space. These extra lighting options add convenience for everyone utilizing the bedroom. Make sure you choose sconces with a switch plate and a light fixture that’s not too ornate or fragile.

Adult-ing the Bunk Room


Modern bunks rooms aren’t just for the kids. You can update yours so that kids and grown-ups all call ‘dibs’ whenever they visit. We love how this cozy space uses layers of warm neutrals, rustic wood, and brass accents to tie this bunk room together. Most challenges you face as you transform these typical childish rooms into the adult bunk rooms of your dreams can be overcome with a little bit of creativity. Add in some modern features, sleek lines, and adult patterns to your bunk room, and you will have a very impressive bedroom in no time.

Do you want to learn how you can transform your space with a bunk room? Get in touch with our interior design experts at Miya Interiors today. We’d love to help you find a design that perfectly matches the look and feel of your home.