Why You Should Be Breaking the Design Rules


Interior Design Rules You Should Break

There is one interior design rule that we follow: rules are made to be broken. Sure, we all went to school for interior design and took the basics. Yes, there are a few guidelines that can get you started in the right direction, but, in our opinion, interior design is very personal.

We are living in a time when creativity comes first, and rules come second. So, throw the rulebook out the window and make sure that you disregard these classic design rules in favor of personal preference.

Rule to Break #1: Find your design style and stick with it

living room interior design styleIn traditional interior design, homeowners and designers used basic styles as a way to streamline their design as making a room cohesive is typically a designers biggest priority. Now, designers opt for mixing a variety of styles to find a design that matches more closely with their client’s personal style. Choosing your favorite pieces and making them work shouldn’t include disapproving of other accessories because they don’t fit that particular style. Forget this way of thinking and try bringing styles together for a new and unique look.

If you are wary of going off the books, try mixing two of your favorite styles. This will give you a little extra oomph without looking too mismatched.

Rule to Break #2: Make sure everything is symmetrical.

asymmetrical living room interior designIf you are like most of us, rearranging furniture with your mom usually included her looking for a similar sized piece to mirror on the other half of the room. It’s this type of symmetry that is making its way out of the current design scene. Today, most designers are using an asymmetrical approach that gives on-lookers a more complex, interesting, and casual style.

If you worried about your room looking like a hodgepodge mess without a symmetrical design, try using an asymmetrical design in a more informal setting. This works well for game rooms, living rooms, and other comfortable settings.

Rule to Break #3: Never mix prints.

Farm House Leather Chair DesignsIf you think all of your prints must match, you are truly missing out on one of our designer hidden secrets. Give your room a professional and eye-catching twist by mixing up prints, fabrics, and other patterns in your space. In general, it is easiest to combine patterns in different styles and scale.

If you want to try breaking this rule, start by choosing a rug with a pattern that sets the tone for the rest of the room. Then you can pick pieces that complement the original print but also add another dimension that really makes the entire design pop.

Rule to Break #4: Match dining chairs.

When homeowners search for dining room sets, they usually look for a complete set with matching chairs. While it isn’t necessarily wrong to have a matching dining room set, you could be missing out on a fun and creative way to make your design look fun, professional, and stand out from the rest.

One of the easiest ways to tip-toe into this design strategy is by mixing up the color of the dining chairs. We love this inspiration that keeps the style of the chairs the same but uses complementary colors for a unique twist.

Rule to Break #5: Avoid dark colors in small rooms.

Dark Green Wall with Abstract Paintings & Modern Accent Chair Interior DesignOne of the oldest rules in the interior design book is avoiding dark paint colors in small spaces. When it comes to small-space decorating, most designers go with all-white doubt to reflect the most light and make the area feel bigger. But now small-space dwellers are swapping out white for darker, even the darkest shades of paint for maximum depth and extra-cool vibes.

We love adding a darker shade in our bathroom designs but make sure to add warmer tones in our accessories and other design elements.

Are you ready to throw away the interior design rulebook? Contact one of the best Utah interior design firms, Miya Interiors, today. We’d love to help you with all of your home or commercial design needs.

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