7 Tips for Styling a Small Bedroom

7 Tips for Styling a Small Bedroom

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Small spaces can feel limited. Step inside a bedroom with less square footage than most, and it can feel dreadful. It may even seem that you have barely enough walking room, let alone space for your necessary items. All in all, small spaces leave you with less wiggle room than you desire. Fortunately, there are ways of maximizing the area, so your small bedroom feels a lot bigger than it should.

Here are seven of our professional tricks to help you prove that size doesn’t always matter in interior design. Try these out, and you will wonder why you ever complained about the size of your bedroom in the first place.


Consider Lighting

Lighting plays a more significant role than you realize in interior design. Whether you are using floor lamps, ceiling fans, chandeliers, or recessed lighting, lighting fixtures take up space. One trick that is designers use when designing for a small bedroom is installing sconces. Sconces don’t take up any floor space and allow you to place furniture around them with ease. Also, these smaller lighting fixtures offer major style points.

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Repurpose Surface Space

Surface space doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all box. There are plenty of surfaces you can use to your advantage, including window sills, open shelving, and leftover corner space. Be resourceful by finding unusual spaces for your storage space. For example, a windowsill can transform into an open shelve with ease. Place books, candles, lighting, and other essentials, and you will get the extra square footage you need without removing any furniture.


Forget the Headboard

When designing your bedroom, consider forgoing the traditional headboard. Not only are these bulky but completely unnecessary. Less is more in small spaces and letting go of the “proper” headboard style will free up a lot of space. If you want to take things to the next level, you can go wholly frameless or find a minimalist-style bed frame. Then, you can dress it up by layering bedding and pillows for the needed wow factor.

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Use Scale to Your Advantage

One of the best tips our interior designers can give you is to always consider the scale of the room and the furniture you plan on placing inside when designing a space. Each item should match the smaller size of the room. For example, don’t use bulky side tables next to both your bedsides. Instead, find narrow bedroom tables that are on the slimmer side. It will fit the size of the room without overpowering the space. Consider this method for the rest of the room’s furniture.

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Try Multi-Purpose Furniture

Another way you can maximize the potential of your small bedroom is by incorporating furniture for a variety of purposes. For example, nightstands can double as a dresser or seating can open up to fit blankets and other items inside. If you can only fit a few pieces of furniture in your bedroom, make sure each piece offers more than one functional benefits.


Be Strategic in Your Color Scheme

Color plays a significant role in the look and feel of space. While some interior designers lean towards light colors for small spaces, there are also ways of including colors that trick the natural eye into believing a space is bigger than it actually is. Whichever color scheme you choose, try to find a well-planned combination that leaves you feeling light and refreshed after you leave the room.

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Add Some Built-Ins

Built-in shelving is a great way to maximize wall space. You will add extra surface space for storage while also making the room appear bigger with depth. Utilize built-ins in your small bedroom, and you will also forgo the additional bulky furniture you needed for storage space. It is also a great statement piece that you can use instead of the traditional headboard or plain painted wall.

For more tips on styling rooms with limited space, including small bedrooms, contact the Miya Interiors team. We love helping people maximize their home’s potential. Contact us today to learn more about our interior design services.

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