Luxury Interior Design Tips That Won’t Break the Bank

Luxury Interior Design Tips That Won’t Break the Bank

Hamptons Dining Room with a ViewInterior design trends are ever evolving. From rustic farmhouse to modern & minimalist, there are endless options when designing your home. However, there’s one trend that holds strong as the years go by: luxury interior design. Every homeowner wants their home to give off the feeling of luxury, but most people don’t have a bottomless wallet. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to take advantage of the luxury design trend without spending your life savings.

If your home needs an upgrade on a budget, you’re in luck! You don’t need to spend a fortune to look like you have a fortune—you just need to be strategic about your home’s interior design. We’ve gathered the top tips from our expert interior designers to get their take on shoestring luxury. Keep reading to see our favorite style tips on how to create a luxurious space without spending an arm and a leg:


Let There Be Light

Reading Corner Natural Light with Fiddle Leaf FigIt can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to luxury interior design, but our designers can all agree that letting the light in is the first place you should begin. Far too many homeowners don’t allow their spaces sufficient light, which usually serves to make a room feel cramped & crowded.

Give your home an upscale touch by letting the light in. From choosing brighter paint colors to adding white & cream accents, increasing the light in your home is simple! One of our favorite tricks for lightening a space is to switch out existing décor with large mirrors that reflect and amplify the lighting. Not only is adding a mirror a simple, budget-saving solution, it gives the home an instant luxurious aesthetic.

The best part about letting the light in is that it gives the illusion of a larger, more open space. What could be more luxurious than that?


Cut the Clutter

Lake House Piano Room Interior DesignToday, luxurious interior design is all about maintaining a home that’s free of clutter. Not only is a cluttered room unpleasant to look at, it gives the illusion of less space. Offset the illusion by doing some deep cleaning & organizing your space from top to bottom. Who knows, your home may feel brand new!

Clearing out the clutter isn’t just a good way to keep a space organized, it’s the perfect way to stay within your budget. Having only a few, well-thought-out décor pieces in your home ensures that your home has beautiful focal points, but it also ensures that you don’t break the bank.

You can also incorporate a clutter-free lifestyle into your home by getting functional with your décor. Purchase stylish baskets, sleek wall hangers, and other décor that allow for chic storage, right out in the open.


Give Your Windows a Glow-Up

bedroom interior design with bedspread & luxury curtainsYou wouldn’t hang a Monet without adding an equally exquisite frame, so why wouldn’t you dress up your windows? Your windows aren’t merely a slab of glass in the center of the wall—they are your portal to the outside world. Too often, homeowners neglect their windows, opting for cheap curtains and blinds. If you’re serious about adding a dash of luxury to your home’s interior design, invest in some high-quality curtains. Trust us, it’s a purchase you won’t regret.


Fresh Paint

Gold Hanging Custom Kitchen FixturesSometimes luxury living doesn’t require a total overhaul, it just requires a little refresher. Revive your home’s aesthetic with a simple coat of paint. Whether you’re taking the kitchen cabinets from natural wood to Pure White, or you’d like to give a south-facing wall your take on hunter green, you can’t go wrong! A little paint goes a long way on your road to luxury interior design. For some high-end paint color inspiration, visit our portfolio page.


Upgrade What’s Underfoot

NWasatch Parade of Homes Dining Room with modern chairs & rugWhen upgrading your home, you probably considered everything: the walls, the furniture, the light fixtures, the décor. Know what you probably haven’t considered? The floor! If you want to instantly enhance your space, switch up whatever is underfoot. Carpet too bland? No problem! Toss in a colorful rug that fits your style and cover up the dull! Sick of that tile? Don’t sweat it! Use a tile stencil to class it up.

Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of color when you’re adding a rug or mat to your space. The right rug can easily tie together an entire space, giving you the luxury living room interior design you’ve always dreamed of.


Get Yourself an Expert

The best way to ensure that your home gets an upgrade without busting the budget is by hiring someone who knows interior design from the inside out. Not only does an interior designer have a creative eye, an interior designer has the expertise to provide recommendations that will save you big bucks in the end.

For the finest in luxury interior design, choose Miya Interiors. We’re known for creating classic, fresh, and smart interiors with livable and luxe details. To get started on your next project, contact us today.

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