How to Style a Stunning Summer Entryway

How to Style a Stunning Summer Entryway


Summer Entryway Interior Design by Miya Interiors

When guests walk through your front door, what is the first thing they see? A rug? Perhaps some fun lighting. Your entryway is the first impression guests will receive when entering your home. If you want your home’s first impression to set the right tone, you must design an inviting and functional entryway.

Not only is your entryway the getaway into your home, but it is the first place for you to make a statement. Designing this space takes only a little know-how and a few key pieces. Remember that even though the entryway is one of the smallest areas in a home, it can still pack a lot of punch.

Our interior designers love switching the design of the entryway up every few months, depending on the season. Do it right, and you will only need to swap out a few accessories to give the space a seasonal touch.

Today, let’s focus on the upcoming months. Summer is right around the corner, which means freshening up your home with some go-to styling tricks. So, without any further ado, grab a pen and paper and get ready to make your home’s entryway beautiful this summer.


Summer Entryway Styling Tricks:


1. Make Decisions Around Your Entryway Console

Summer Entryway Ideas Interior Design by Miya Interiors

Every entryway needs a “drop zone” or somewhere that pulls the focus of the room. Since the guests are visiting this space immediately after being out and about, they will need a spot to drop their things. An entryway console is the best place to start. Our designers love functional entryway consoles, side tables, and benches. Use this staple furniture piece as an anchor to the rest of your design. Doing so will make every future styling decision pretty straightforward.

2.  Select Items that Ground Your Entryway Design

When putting together an entryway design, you probably think more about the pieces that sit eye level than what goes beneath. However, you must balance visual weight with more substantial items. Our team opts for placing larger shapely pieces like baskets, large vases, books, and other weightier accessories on the bottom of the console or around it.

These items help weigh down the design and lend contrast to everything going on up-top. Select pieces that balance everything out and create a bit of contrast, but make sure to keep a small space between the bottom and the top of the console.

3. Opt for Pieces that Elevate the Top Half of Your Entryway Design

Entryway Design Interior Design Ideas

After grounding your entryway design, you have to pull together the top. Make sure you pick items that feel light and airy and ultimately balance out the design; otherwise, the entire space will feel bottom heavy. If your entryway console sits against a wall, consider hanging larger items that pull everything together like artwork or a mirror. You can even lean these pieces against the wall rather than hanging them.

Don’t have much wall space to work with? Try adding in pieces that point upwards like candlesticks, tall vases, or a lean floor or table lamp. You can also try leaning a long mirror or piece of art against the wall.

4. Swap Out Your Heavy Entryway Rug for Lighter Variety

Not all of us have the budget to completely re-do our entire entryway, but we can make it look like we did by switching out our rugs. During the winter months, you might use a heavy, wool rug that can handle everything your guest’s winter boots bring in with them out of the cold. However, summer is all about freshening things up. Put that winter rug in storage and replace it with an indoor/outdoor runner.

A runner is super versatile, coming in a variety of patterns and materials. They are also very durable so that they can handle all that your visitors throw at them. Our designers love using runners that feature a subtle pattern with lighter color patterns rather than ones that are more loud and colorful. Keeping your rug light during the summer season will help tie everything together without weighing the design down.

5. Add Some Summer-y Accessories

Summer Accessories for Entryway Interior Design

To hit the high notes of summer, add in a few accessories that help lighten the entire design. Some of the best choices include smaller boxes, bowls, trays, and baskets. Our designers also love adding candles, greenery, and fresh flowers. Of course, we all wish we could keep fresh flowers all over the house, but it’s not always a realistic option. That’s why we keep our floral expectations to the front entryway (and perhaps the kitchen on a good week).

Entryway Design at Miya Interiors

If you need help putting together a summer entryway design that makes the mark, contact the interior design team at Miya Interiors. Let us give you the tips you need to make your specific season the perfect spot for this upcoming summer season. You only have one chance to make a first impression, give guests the right one by working with the interior designers at Miya Interiors. Contact us today to get started.

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