Quarantine Hacks: Using E-Design to Create Your Home’s Interior Design

Quarantine Hacks: Using E-Design to Create Your Home’s Interior Design

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Right now, many of us are spending more time at home. While this time of life is proving difficult for many, there are some opportunities many of us can take as right now with more downtime than usual. For instance, giving your space the refresh it needs to make your time at home more enjoyable. Whether it’s cleaning out your closet and pantry or totally transforming your home, there are plenty of ways you can take advantage of this time.

If you are feeling inspired to makeover your home’s interior design, get started with eDesign. eDesign, also known as online interior design, hands you all the tools you need to get a professionally designed space without ever leaving the comfort of your couch. Working with an eDesign service, you receive all the help you need to get a virtual rendering of your home or rooms you choose to re-design.

eDesign is a new method that many homeowners preferred even before the COVID-19 outbreak, for good reasons. Online interior design makes interior design simple, affordable, and ultra-convenient. All it takes it gathering your home’s current layout, a collection of notes listing all of your desired changes, and going back-and-forth with your interior designers until you have a finished product you love.

eDesign 101

eDesign is a growing interior design trend that provides homeowners and clients with the same standard of interior design service but is done virtually instead of in-person. eDesign online interior design services are available for all types of design projects home, commercial building, or other living space.

Before the development of eDesign, clients had to work with their interior designer in-person over several meetings before getting a rendering of their space. Typically, the traditional route includes your interior designers visiting your home or commercial building, working together to understand your needs, style preferences, and lifestyle choices, taking measurements, snapping pictures, and then moving forward with the design renderings.

Once the designers finish their proposed plan, they often take time going back and forth with the client until they agree on a final design scheme. The interior designer installs the design, purchases items, and hires subcontractors to complete necessary changes. The entire interior design process takes time and can be more expensive than many people can afford.

While there are significant benefits to using the traditional interior design service, virtual interior design helps eliminate much of the back-and-forth that can prolong the design. It ultimately cuts done the amount of time it could take to finish a plan, which also helps reduce costs.

eDesign also provides you with an in-depth view of your space by walking through the design on a virtual tour. This benefit makes it much easier to change anything in the plan before changing anything in your real-life space.

The 3-Step eDesign Process 

  1. Online Consultation

The entire eDesign consultation process is done virtually using an online questionnaire. This questionnaire walks you through everything your designer needs to jumpstart your design. Some of these details include measurements, style preferences, lifestyle, the function of the space, and more. Your interior designer will also communicate with you, learning other important information, so they are better equipped to prepare the design.

  1. Design and Planning

Once your interior designer has everything they need, they will begin planning your design renderings. The design will fit within your discussed parameters. It will also outline every item you need, where to find it, and it will fit within your determined budget. All in all, your customized plan will include everything you need to make your home entirely yours, matching your preferred style choices in a professionally designed arrangement.

  1. eDesign Project Delivery

Once your interior designer completes your project, you will receive the entire design rendering electronically. The delivered project should include a detailed shopping list and step-by-step instructions for the layout. The electronic floor plan will also act as your road map so that you know exactly what to do to set-up your space.

You can expect that every detail will be thought-out, down to the tiniest accessory. You can even choose to follow the plan exactly or use it as a guideline towards styling a few select items on your own.

Virtual Interior Design Services at Miya Interiors

Miya Interiors is here to help you in challenging times and good times, which means we can help you put your best foot forward whenever you need us. Whether you are a homeowner looking for interior design help or a commercial project owner that needs an extra hand, you can count on our eDesign services.

Miya Interiors offers full-service eDesign services that will help you discover your perfect space. Work with one of our talented and experienced interior designers by sharing your style and room inspiration using our fully-equipped online interior design program. It is a convenient and easy option for any client, including those who are not in a position for full-service design or working on a smaller project.

Contact us to learn more.

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