The Top Items Every Kid Space Needs

The Top Kids Decor Items Every Kids Space Needs

Childrens Play Room

Creating a space that your kids can grow up in is no easy task. However, it will probably be fun and exciting. Kids spaces allow you to be much more creative, exploring your imagination and bringing it to life. Unlike other areas of your home that are more straightforward, kid spaces, including bedrooms and playrooms, are dedicated to being a kid.

For many parents, it can seem like a daunting task to design a space that flows with the rest of your home and includes the organized details you need to pull everything together. Luckily, there are great products available that can make a clean, organized, and playful room come to life. Plus, you will get to use colors and patterns that are otherwise off-limits to other streamlined spaces.

From arts and crafts stations to kid-sized crawl spaces, reading nooks, and jungle gyms, kid spaces are where design takes an imaginative turn. If you are decking your kid rooms out, here are some of the top items you will need.



Every playroom, bedroom, or kids space needs a rug or playmat. Actually, most areas in your home require a rug. Fortunately, the mats you buy for a kid space are a lot different than those you pick out for the rest of the house. Choose a rug that fits the age of your kids and the style of the space. Fortunately, you can pick pieces and easily swap them out as your child grows.

Kids Play Room Train Rug



Kids need a lot of seating in their space. From beanbags to work station tables and chairs, there are fun options you can find online and in-stores. There are seating choices specially designed for kids. Typically, they come in bright colors and creative shapes that are perfect for updated kid spaces.

Kids Play Room Bean Bags



Chances are if you have a child you have a lot of books. What better way to utilize your kid space than organize those books in an appealing way? You can find plenty of free-standing bookcases online, shelving, or you can design a built-in cabinet for added fun.



No kid space is complete without fun artwork on the walls. Don’t limit yourself to strictly adding family photos to the room, use your imagination, and have fun with the wall space. We love animal head wall décor made specifically for kid rooms. These pieces take a unique spin on the classic stuffed animal head wall art found at cabins and hunting enthusiast’s home. Display yours alongside other kooky and fun artwork, and you are sure to have a hit.

Animal Kids Playroom Art



Bins, baskets, shelves, wall storage, oh my! Every kid space must have an array of storage organizers, or you might go crazy with a messy room. There are plenty of ways you can make your storage look great without getting too carried away. Try adding a wall storage organizer or cute bins and baskets for quick storage. As a bonus, it won’t be too hard getting your kids to throw their toys inside, thanks to easy-to-use organizers.

Kids Play Area Toy Storage



While there are plenty of ways to make a kid space fun, you should try and add a unique element that makes the room all your own. Whether it is installing an at-home rock wall, indoor slide, reading nook, hidden crawl space, bunk beds, jungle gym, or something else, we love the idea of having something that appeals directly to your family. Plus, it might even add value to your home if you ever choose to sell.

Kids Play Room Climbing Wall

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