Wallpaper vs. Paint? Finding What Works for You

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Some debates will stand the test of time. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Is water wet? How do you get a job without experience, but experience without a job? If you are at a restaurant and your waiter doesn’t come back, are you the waiter? Which is best, wallpaper or paint? While some of these questions will never have an all-encompassing answer, the choice between wallpaper or paint comes down to finding what works for you.

In the industry of interior design, style becomes subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and knowing what is best for your home is up to you– the homeowner. However, there are a few ways of narrowing down your choice that can help you along the way. Before you decide between wallpaper or paint, you must understand the advantages and disadvantages of each. Whether you are worried about cost, application, appeal, or other factors, it is better to make an informed choice off the bat.

Here is our interior designer’s breakdown of all things wallpaper, paint, and finding what works for you.



Wallpaper has long been a material used in interior decorating. Think back to your days visiting your grandparents. The chances are that they had wallpaper in one, two, or more rooms of their home. The colors were most likely muted oranges and yellows following styles popular in the mid-1900s. Throw away your concepts of old-fashioned wallpaper. Today, interior designers make big statements using wallpaper patterns throughout different areas of a home. Here are a few of the advantages of using wallpaper.

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Advantages of Using Wallpaper


Wallpaper is one of the most durable options for wall colors. Wallpaper can withstand fingerprints and dirt more than other applications. You can also clean off wallpaper with the use of cleaner and a washcloth.


Wallpaper is generally more expensive than paint. However, wallpaper tends to last longer than other applications. Over time, the cost evens out, and you won’t need to replace your wallpaper as early as you will paint.


One of the biggest draws to wallpaper is its variety and unique style. You can choose from a variety of designs and patterns. Whether you are looking for something simple, complex, or one-of-a-kind, wallpaper vendors have multiple options. You can even create your own wallpaper and make a distinctive statement.

Covers Imperfections

Another pro of using wallpaper is that you can use it for covering imperfections in your wall. Unlike paint that can sometimes highlight a defect, wallpaper can completely cover every ding, hole, and other blemishes.

Removable Options

Wallpaper isn’t the same as it used to be—now you can find options that make removal more effortless than ever before. While removable wallpaper can be more expensive than traditional wallpaper, it can adhere, detach, and re-attach multiple times. This advantage is excellent for those renting or leasing their property.

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Disadvantages of Wallpaper


If you thinking painting takes a long time, try putting up wallpaper. Wallpaper is a lot more time-consuming than painting. The process includes lining up, cutting, and applying each strand of wallpaper, which takes a healthy amount of time.

Hard Application Process

While the application process is time-consuming, it is also hard to do it right. If you want it done correctly, you can hire a professional or spend time making sure everything lines up correctly.

Unable to Withstand Water

Unlike paint, wallpaper can’t handle moisture very well. You can find options that are more water-resistant than others, but be careful when using wallpaper in rooms with higher humidity levels and water spillage. You don’t want your wallpaper to bubble up, peel, and lose its appeal.


Wall Paint

Using paint is a method that reaches far back into time. Egyptians painted on the walls of pyramids. Cavemen drew their history on the walls of caves. Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Eventually, homeowners started following suit but on a lot smaller scale. Today, homeowners and interior designers typically paint walls an all-over color rather than with hieroglyphics and murals. You can channel your inner artist and paint your walls in any way you choose. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing wall paint rather than wallpaper.

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Advantages of Using Wall Paint


Wall paint is the most popular choice for a reason—it’s practical. It doesn’t take a genius to paint a wall an all-over color. It is also easy creating a space with a color palette specifically chosen and painted on by you. If you are worried about time, cost, and difficulty, paint is the more practical choice.


Paint is also the most cost-effective choice upfront. You can find cheaper options and some that are higher-end. No matter what you choose, it will wind up being less costly than most wallpapers.

Easy Application

Unlike wallpaper, painting your home is a lot more straightforward. You can even apply paint to damage walls with less work than it would take to get through the wallpaper application process. Simply, patch holes, use a primer beforehand, and paint.


Wall paint also comes in a variety of shades and types. There are higher shines of paint, flat paint, semi-gloss, satin, and high-gloss. There are also plenty of manufacturers to choose from thousands of colors. The hardest part will most like be choosing which paint color you want for your home.

Color Scheme Advantage

Wallpapers tend to involve more prints, patterns, and colors that are harder to work with when styling your home. Wall paint is generally an easier color scheme to build off of overtime.

Universally Applicable

You can apply paint to walls in whichever room without needing to worry about moisture or humidity.

Disadvantages of Using Paint


When something happens to your walls covered in traditional paint, you will notice it right away. Paint also requires retouching sooner rather than later. However, you can easily wipe away dirt and fingertips since it can handle moisture, unlike wallpaper.


The paint application process is straightforward, but it’s messy. You will need to cover your flooring, tape, and do all of this with special care. If you are trying something more complicated than an all-over color, it will take time and could require the help of a professional.

Less Customization

Painting is usually done using flat, all-over color, leaving less room for customization. While it is possible to do more than one paint color, patterns, and other unique features take more work and a steady hand. If you want something that stands out, wallpaper is the better choice.


Make the Right Choice for You

When choosing what you want on your walls, it is up to you. Don’t worry about what your neighbors did or what the interior stylist on Netflix said. Pick the option that appeals most to you. At the end of the day, this is your home, and you will spend the most time there. If you take the time to weigh your options, you won’t go wrong.

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For additional help deciding between wallpaper or paint, contact our interior designers at Miya Interiors. We would love to help you discover the best choice for your home.

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