Our Favorite Kitchen Paint Colors For 2020


The past decade has been all about all-white everything, especially in kitchens. As we enter the new decade and new year, it is time we started adding color back into our spaces. This year, we suspect interior designers will start incorporating impactful shades and hues into their kitchen designs. While there is a range of colors to choose from, it is important you find one the matches the look and feel of your home. Everything from the style of your kitchen to the type of fixtures you have can make a paint color look different (not to mention lighting).

If you are ready to give your kitchen the update it rightfully deserves, look no further than the experts at Miya Design. Our team has put together a list of up-and-coming kitchen colors that are sure to leave your guests in awe. From soothing blues to mixed tones, here are all the kitchen colors with think will make an impact in 2020.



Green has long been a go-to for designers. However, 2020 is all about soothing sea green. It is a versatile shade that blends well with other colors, including beige, white, black, browns, and more. The color also offers a light, tranquil feeling that will feel great in any kitchen.

Parade of Homes Kitchen Design


Any neutral paint lover will appreciate the subtlety of this light, beige color. As a timeless shade, it will also go into the upcoming years with ease. If you are nervous about switching up your all-white kitchen, give your space the creamy mushroom once-over. It might only add a hint of color but will provide just enough of a difference to feel like new.

Creamy Mushroom Kitchen Cabinets



Contrast is a beautiful color technique that many interior designers include in their homes. 2020 is all about impactful colors and designs. Fortunately, contrasting colors offer all the impact you need to get ahead in your home’s style. Rather than painting your kitchen two new shades, stick with one. You can paint the cabinets a different color than the walls or merely the kitchen island.

Combination Kitchen Interior Design


Speaking of contrast, black is a wonderful color for your cabinets. By featuring this dark hue against your neutral backdrop, you will create a drastic impact in your home. All in all, black is edgy yet classic. There is also a myriad of shades to choose from, so you won’t need to dive head-first into pitch-black paint.

Black Kitchen Cabinet Design


Kitchen design in 2020 will also feature more wood finishes than years past. Interior designers will start incorporating wood finishes and warm colors back into their plans. It will offer an old-world charm to otherwise cold, contemporary homes.

Kitchen With Wood Finishes


While wood finishes are making a comeback, that doesn’t mean paint needs to take a backseat. Use paint colors that work well with your wood floors and cabinets. This will give you added warmth that works well in any kitchen space.

Wood & Paint Combination Kitchen Cabinets


Other paint colors that are taking center stage in kitchen design are blues and greens. These colors are darker and moodier while they are also grounded in nature. We suspect that kitchen design will use these hues in their kitchen cabinets and islands.

Blue Kitchen Colors Interior Design


Designers and homeowners are beginning to embrace muted colors in their kitchens rather than the trendy light gray or all-white color schemes of previous years. Our designers are gravitating to paint colors that are unique. Some of our top choices include navy, greens, warm ivories, charcoal, and deeper hues.

Kitchen Design with Muted Colors

For additional help picking color schemes for your kitchen, contact our team. We would love to help you find the perfect shades for 2020 and many years to come.

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